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Jan 18
Beyond the Couch Ep 58: Therapists In Therapy with Kim Park

This week, Christie chats with Kim Park about the challenges that therapists themselves face when seeking mental health support. They discuss how difficult it can be to take their own advice about self-care and processing their emotions that they give to their clients. Kim shares how working through her own journey as a Korean adoptee […]

Dec 21
Beyond the Couch Ep 56: Burnout Recovery and Prevention with Dr. Snehal Kumar

This week, Sam chats with Snehal Kumar about recovery and prevention of burnout, and the ways in which it especially shows up for those in marginalized communities. They talk about how to notice burnout creeping up on you, especially while living in NYC, and the consequences of long-term burnout. They also discuss the importance of […]

Nov 16
Beyond the Couch Ep 52: Challenging Imposter Syndrome with Angela Kerrigan

This week, Christie sits down with Angela Kerrigan to examine impostor syndrome through the lens of racial identity and chat about ways to challenge these feelings of inadequacy. They discuss how stereotypes and microaggressions keep people of color in cycles of self-doubt by questioning their belonging or imposing unrealistic standards. Angela shares how she worked […]

Oct 26
Beyond the Couch Ep 49: Financial Anxiety, Scarcity, & Enoughness with Lindsay Bryan-Podvin

This week, Diana chats with Lindsay Bryan-Podvin about the anxieties we have about money and how to cultivate a healthier relationship to our finances. They discuss the mental, cultural, and emotional hurdles that keep many people, especially those who identify as BIPOC or come from immigrant backgrounds, from gaining financial literacy. They talk about how […]

Oct 12
Beyond the Couch Ep 47: Lessons from a Professional Career Changer with Asha Aravindakshan

This week, Diana chats with Asha Aravindakshan about making the power of personal relationships, putting yourself out there, and resisting societal and cultural expectations in making a career change. They talk about the ways in which you can build out your first- and second-degree networks, manage uncertainty and tolerance for risk as you make a […]

Sep 14
Beyond the Couch Ep 43: Taking Asian Women Seriously with Sheena Yap Chan

This week, Sam chats with Sheen Yap Chan about building up self-confidence as an Asian woman, the importance of supporting one another, and challenging societal expectations of Asian women. They discuss how perfectionism pervades Asian culture and how the pressure to be perfect might hinder achieving one’s goals. As members of the Asian diaspora themselves, […]

Aug 31
Beyond the Couch Ep 41: Surviving Burnout & Stepping Off the Corporate Ladder with Annalyn Cruz

This week, Diana chats with Annalyn Cruz about trusting your inner voice and taking the steps to craft a career that truly makes you fulfilled and happy. They talk about how taking the time to recover from burnout motivated Annalyn to take the leap and leave a corporate job to start her business in leadership […]

Aug 17
Beyond the Couch Ep 39: Failing My Way Forward and Embracing Career Changes with Cynthia Pong

This week, Diana chats with Cynthia Pong (@embracechangenyc) about how to move forward with a career change, how career coaching has changed over the years, and the importance of trying new things and embracing failure as progress. They also discuss the ways in which we’ve been socialized in western society to prioritize individualist thinking over […]

Jun 08
Beyond the Couch Ep 29: Asian Female Entrepreneurship within the Mental Health Field with Nisha Desai & Alice Zhang

This week, Christie chats with Nisha Desai and Alice Zhang about founding a startup focused on providing culturally responsive mental health care to communities of color. As two Asian-identified female co-founders, they talk about their own struggles with perfectionism, overcoming cultural differences in their communication, and navigating a white male dominated industry, as well as […]

May 25
Beyond the Couch Ep 27: Activism in the Workplace with Brian Pang & Franklin Shen

This week, Diana chats with Franklin Shen and Brian Pang about the the power of Asian activism in the workplace. Franklin and Brian share their journeys from assimilation to reclaiming their Asian identities to uplifting the greater community. Together, they discuss corporate activism, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives and Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), as […]