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Jan 18
Beyond the Couch Ep 58: Therapists In Therapy with Kim Park

This week, Christie chats with Kim Park about the challenges that therapists themselves face when seeking mental health support. They discuss how difficult it can be to take their own advice about self-care and processing their emotions that they give to their clients. Kim shares how working through her own journey as a Korean adoptee […]

Dec 14
Beyond the Couch Ep 55: Coming Into Balance Through East Asian Medicine with Melissa Soong

This week, Christie chats with Melissa Soong about becoming more attuned to natural patterns to better care for ourselves and our mental health. Melissa shares how eastern medicine, such as acupuncture, can help us explore root causes of maladies and addiction, observe and treat our bodies through a holistic lens, and achieve sustained health and […]

Dec 07
Beyond the Couch 54: How Trauma Impacts Our Relationship with Our Therapist with Chrissie Chua-Ly van Manh

This week, Sam chats with Chrissy Chua-Ly van Manh about the importance of a therapist’s role in helping clients with trauma overcome the fears and triggers that they have accumulated through their experiences. They discuss the hurdles that therapists face when seeing trauma clients, as well as the particular challenges that a survivor of trauma […]

Nov 16
Beyond the Couch Ep 52: Challenging Imposter Syndrome with Angela Kerrigan

This week, Christie sits down with Angela Kerrigan to examine impostor syndrome through the lens of racial identity and chat about ways to challenge these feelings of inadequacy. They discuss how stereotypes and microaggressions keep people of color in cycles of self-doubt by questioning their belonging or imposing unrealistic standards. Angela shares how she worked […]

Nov 02
Beyond the Couch Ep 50: Going Beyond the Mind with Psychedelics in Therapy with Lynn Min

This week, Sam chats with Lynn Min, LMHC, about the therapeutic use of psychedelics to reach greater self-understanding, self-compassion, and actual healing. They go into what it feels like to come out of psychedelic trips and feel lighter and at peace, and the power of these medicines to rewire your brain to become more receptive […]

Oct 05
Beyond the Couch Ep 46: Growing Up Between Two Cultures with Meghan NayyarBeyond the Couch Ep 46:

This week, Christie chats with Meghan Nayyar about the complexities of navigating cultural gaps, holding multiple identities, and growing up in a culture that’s not their family’s dominant one. They reflect on the challenges that their immigrant parents must have faced in raising children in such foreign environments, and how conversations with them about culture […]

Jan 19
Beyond the Couch Ep 9: The Importance of Terminations in Therapy

This week Sam, Diana, and Christie discuss the importance of healthy terminations in therapy, the many feelings that can come up on both the client’s and therapist’s end, and ultimately how difficult goodbyes can be for all of us. Listen to a sneak peek below, and find the full episodes on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts […]

Dec 01
Beyond the Couch Ep 4: Finding the Right Therapist

This week Sam, Diana, and Christie discuss the challenging process of finding a therapist (even as licensed therapists themselves), why so many therapists don’t accept insurance, and offer tips for finding the right fit. Listen to a sneak peek below, and find the full episodes on Apple Podcasts, Spotify & more!

Nov 10
Upcoming Groups Round-Up

Free monthly online community support group for Asian identified therapists and trainees Start date: Ongoing; Every 4 weeks starting 11/19 (then 12/17, 1/14, etc.) from 11:30 AM – 12:45 PM EST Cost: Free We welcome Asian Pacific Islander Desi American identified therapists and trainees from all time zones to a monthly support group to gather, process, […]

Jan 14
What Type of Therapy is Right for Me?

Those who are new to the therapy process may struggle to decide what type of therapy to pursue based on what they are struggling with.  Although this isn’t an exhaustive list of all therapy options and issues that each type serves, it will provide a brief overview of individual therapy, group therapy, couples therapy, and […]