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Mar 02
Beyond the Couch Ep 15: Finding Peace within our Authentic Choices with Nita Batta & Tiffany Momoko Kindred

This week, Christie chats with Nita Batta, LMSW, and Tiffany Momoko Kindred, LMSW, about their intersecting experiences being Asian in the U.S. They discuss the contrast between Tiffany’s experience of culture shock moving from Japan to the U.S. and Nita’s growing up in suburban Pennsylvania with immigrant parents, as well as the connecting themes of […]

Feb 09
Beyond the Couch Ep 12: Privilege, Perfectionism & South Asian Mental Health with Raina Wadhawan

This week, Christie chats with Raina Wadhawan, LMHC, about her journey as a South Asian therapist, mental health and privilege at home in India versus here in the U.S., as well as her passion for working with South Asian woman on navigating intergenerational trauma, perfectionism, and authenticity. Raina Wadhawan, LMHC, is a licensed psychotherapist at […]