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Tag: perfectionism

Sep 14
Beyond the Couch Ep 43: Taking Asian Women Seriously with Sheena Yap Chan

This week, Sam chats with Sheen Yap Chan about building up self-confidence as an Asian woman, the importance of supporting one another, and challenging societal expectations of Asian women. They discuss how perfectionism pervades Asian culture and how the pressure to be perfect might hinder achieving one’s goals. As members of the Asian diaspora themselves, […]

Jun 29
Beyond the Couch Ep 32: How to Identify & Challenge Perfectionism with Dr. Michelle Chung

This week, Sam is back with Dr. Michelle Chung to talk about how to identify the two different types of perfectionistic behaviors and begin to challenge them. They chat about how each category of perfectionism can manifest at work, in relationships, and in our inner monologues, getting in the way of healthy ways to approach […]

Jun 22
Beyond the Couch Ep 31: Perfectionism Pt 1: The Cultural Roots of Perfectionism with Dr. Michelle Chung

This week, Sam chats with Dr. Michelle Chung about how Confucianist roots, collectivist values, and the idea of filial piety prime perfectionist thinking in many Asian cultures. They discuss the paralysis that might come with perfectionism, as well as guilt and shame when perfectionist goals are not met. As Asian-Americans themselves, they also dive into […]

Jun 15
Beyond the Couch Ep 30: Summer Check In

This week, Sam, Diana & Christie are back together chatting about how working on the podcast together has allowed them to work on their practice of moving away from perfectionism and learning to take a break without feeling the need to apologize. They also discuss APISA-centered movies including Fire Island, Everything Everywhere All at Once, […]

Nov 17
Beyond the Couch Ep 2: Perfectionism in Life & Podcasting

In this episode, licensed therapists Sam, Diana, and Christie explore perfectionism in podcasting, procrastination and taking risks as well as tips for moving towards self-acceptance. Listen to a sneak peek below, and find the full episodes on Apple Podcasts, Spotify & more!