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Apr 20
Beyond the Couch Ep 22: Making A Name for Yourself with Shanni Liang

This week, Sam, Diana and Christie chat with Shanni Liang, LCSW, about her name story. Shanni shares how her name evolved through her emigration from China to the U.S., and how she explored different parts of herself by experimenting with her name as an adult. Together, they discuss how we can relate to our name […]

Mar 23
Beyond the Couch Ep 18: Asian Name Trauma & Reclamation with Jieun Ko

This week, Christie chats with Jieun Ko about her story of reclaiming her name. Jieun discusses how her name was appropriated as ‘Chi’ as a child, and how her reclamation took place alongside the rise of Asian representation in media, anti-Asian hate and the Atlanta spa shootings, and through her own work in therapy. Inspired […]