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Aug 10
Beyond the Couch Ep 38: How to Talk about Mental Health with Loved Ones with Dr. Yu-Kang Chen

This week, Christie chats with Yu-Kang Chen, PhD, about the challenges of getting mental health care for loved ones. They discuss how language barriers, technological difficulties with telehealth, and misconceptions around treatment might make older family members hesitate to seek help. While every individual is unique and complicated in their physical and emotional needs, Christie […]

Dec 01
Beyond the Couch Ep 4: Finding the Right Therapist

This week Sam, Diana, and Christie discuss the challenging process of finding a therapist (even as licensed therapists themselves), why so many therapists don’t accept insurance, and offer tips for finding the right fit. Listen to a sneak peek below, and find the full episodes on Apple Podcasts, Spotify & more!

Nov 04
Common Concerns with Taking Psychiatric Medications

Being an Asian American mental health provider, I understand how navigating through the American mental health system can be difficult, especially when considering the complexity of taking a medication for your mood. In many Asian cultures, individual willpower and the healing power of nature are highly valued. It is common to see a strong emphasis […]

Oct 18
Challenging Codependence in Times of Crisis

Many of my clients who identify as helpers, caretakers, or “group moms” struggle with excessive stress and anxiety in times of crisis, often due to worry and fears for those around them. Maybe you noticed yourself buying out the local stock of hand-sanitizer for everyone you know and saving none for yourself, or engaging in […]

Oct 01
What is Mindfulness and How Can it Help You?

When you hear the term mindfulness your mind might automatically jump to an image of someone totally zen and enlightened— maybe someone like Buddha or the Dali Lama. While these two may live mindfully, when you approach mindfulness with images of these experts, making moves to become more mindful in your daily routine may seem […]