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Dec 22
Beyond the Couch Ep 7: We’re Tired & Other Year End Reflections

In the last episode of 2021, Christie, Diana and Sam reflect upon a year of growth, pushing their limits, and preferring rest over setting goals for the new year. Listen to a sneak peek below, and find the full episodes on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts & more! Wishing everyone rest and warmth through the holidays. We’ll […]

Nov 24
Beyond the Couch Ep 3: Boundaries & Self-Care Around the Holidays

This week licensed therapists Sam, Diana, and Christie reminisce about eating Asian foods during the holidays, fielding comments from our grandmothers, and offer practical tips for navigating boundaries and self-care throughout the holiday season. Listen to a sneak peek below, and find the full episodes on Apple Podcasts, Spotify & more!

Dec 14
Maintaining Relational Boundaries During the Holiday Season

The autumn and winter seasons often include extra contact with immediate family members, extended family members, and family friends. While this may bring forward feelings of warmth and reconnection for some, for others it can be a time filled with stress, the reopening of old wounds, and falling back into old behavioral patterns. Understanding and […]