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Jul 20
Beyond the Couch Ep 35: Discovering Identity & Community as an International Adoptee with Joy Lieberthal Rho

This week, Diana chats with Joy Lieberthal Rho, LCSW (@iamadoptee) about how adoptees might explore their cultural and racial identity, the key challenges they face in defining a sense of self and family, and how the adoptee community has evolved and found camaraderie with the diasporan AAPI community at large. They chat about how conversations […]

Jul 13
Beyond the Couch Ep 34: Protecting the ‘We’ in Multicultural Partnerships with Nita Batta & Tiffany Momoko Kindred

This week, Christie is back with Nita Batta, LMSW, and Tiffany Momoko Kindred, LMSW, to explore complex identities and cultures within romantic partnerships. They discuss navigating multicultural partnerships themselves, and offer guidance on cultivating curiosity, respect and acceptance of each other’s differences. Together, they explore ways to honor the traditions and experience of each partner […]

Jul 06
Beyond the Couch Ep 33: Combating Anti-Asian Hate through Self-Defense & Art with Sammy Yuen

This week, Diana chats with Sammy Yuen about how he merges his work in the creative and publishing world with his personal passions to help people fight against anti-Asian hate. Sammy shares how he has contributed to his community through his art and self-defense classes, how his relationship to his Asian-American roots and history has […]

Jun 29
Beyond the Couch Ep 32: How to Identify & Challenge Perfectionism with Dr. Michelle Chung

This week, Sam is back with Dr. Michelle Chung to talk about how to identify the two different types of perfectionistic behaviors and begin to challenge them. They chat about how each category of perfectionism can manifest at work, in relationships, and in our inner monologues, getting in the way of healthy ways to approach […]

Jun 22
Beyond the Couch Ep 31: Perfectionism Pt 1: The Cultural Roots of Perfectionism with Dr. Michelle Chung

This week, Sam chats with Dr. Michelle Chung about how Confucianist roots, collectivist values, and the idea of filial piety prime perfectionist thinking in many Asian cultures. They discuss the paralysis that might come with perfectionism, as well as guilt and shame when perfectionist goals are not met. As Asian-Americans themselves, they also dive into […]

Jun 15
Beyond the Couch Ep 30: Summer Check In

This week, Sam, Diana & Christie are back together chatting about how working on the podcast together has allowed them to work on their practice of moving away from perfectionism and learning to take a break without feeling the need to apologize. They also discuss APISA-centered movies including Fire Island, Everything Everywhere All at Once, […]

Jun 08
Beyond the Couch Ep 29: Asian Female Entrepreneurship within the Mental Health Field with Nisha Desai & Alice Zhang

This week, Christie chats with Nisha Desai and Alice Zhang about founding a startup focused on providing culturally responsive mental health care to communities of color. As two Asian-identified female co-founders, they talk about their own struggles with perfectionism, overcoming cultural differences in their communication, and navigating a white male dominated industry, as well as […]

Jun 01
Beyond the Couch Ep 28: Food as a Love Language with Kevin Chu & Nicole Tang

This week, Christie chats with Nicole Tang and Kevin Chu about their work with Meals for Unity, a nonprofit uniting communities by working with local chefs, businesses, and volunteers to provide meals to the elderly AAPI community in NYC’s Chinatown. In response to the rise of anti-Asian violence, Nicole and Kevin discuss building relationships with […]

May 25
Beyond the Couch Ep 27: Activism in the Workplace with Brian Pang & Franklin Shen

This week, Diana chats with Franklin Shen and Brian Pang about the the power of Asian activism in the workplace. Franklin and Brian share their journeys from assimilation to reclaiming their Asian identities to uplifting the greater community. Together, they discuss corporate activism, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives and Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), as […]

May 18
Beyond the Couch Ep 26: Lessons from Asian American Activists Michael Liu & Pam Tau Lee

This week, Diana chats with lifelong activists Pam Tau Lee and Michael Liu about their early experiences organizing within Asian communities starting in the 1960s. They discuss the importance of relationships and collective care in their work, and reflect upon the evolution of activism over the decades, and offer wisdom for young organizers today. Pam […]