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Oct 12
Beyond the Couch Ep 47: Lessons from a Professional Career Changer with Asha Aravindakshan

This week, Diana chats with Asha Aravindakshan about making the power of personal relationships, putting yourself out there, and resisting societal and cultural expectations in making a career change. They talk about the ways in which you can build out your first- and second-degree networks, manage uncertainty and tolerance for risk as you make a […]

Oct 05
Beyond the Couch Ep 46: Growing Up Between Two Cultures with Meghan NayyarBeyond the Couch Ep 46:

This week, Christie chats with Meghan Nayyar about the complexities of navigating cultural gaps, holding multiple identities, and growing up in a culture that’s not their family’s dominant one. They reflect on the challenges that their immigrant parents must have faced in raising children in such foreign environments, and how conversations with them about culture […]

Sep 28
Beyond the Couch Ep 45: The Art of Authentic Dating with Samuel Shin

This week, Diana and Samuel Shin talk about healthy and fulfilling ways to embrace one’s masculinity/femininity, sexuality, self-confidence, and dating. They explore the challenges and hurdles that men, in particular, often face when it comes to dating and relationships, overcoming attachment issues, and connecting with their authentic selves. They also delve into the specific challenges […]

Sep 21
Beyond the Couch Ep 44: Cultural Code-Switching

This week, Sam, Christie, and Diana get together to chat about code-switching as an Asian-American and how moving between the different spaces of work, home, and social life bring out various aspects of their identity in each situation. They reminisce about flexing between school and home during their childhoods and trying to fit in as […]

Sep 14
Beyond the Couch Ep 43: Taking Asian Women Seriously with Sheena Yap Chan

This week, Sam chats with Sheen Yap Chan about building up self-confidence as an Asian woman, the importance of supporting one another, and challenging societal expectations of Asian women. They discuss how perfectionism pervades Asian culture and how the pressure to be perfect might hinder achieving one’s goals. As members of the Asian diaspora themselves, […]

Sep 07
Beyond the Couch Ep 42: Changing the Face of Mental Health with Caroline Lay

This week, Christie chats with Caroline Lay about their experiences as Asian-American women, and as Asian-American women therapists. They talk about how growing up with non-strict parents magnified the gratitude and guilt they felt for their family’s sacrifices and shaped the pressure that they placed on themselves. They dive into the challenges of differentiating one’s […]

Aug 17
Beyond the Couch Ep 39: Failing My Way Forward and Embracing Career Changes with Cynthia Pong

This week, Diana chats with Cynthia Pong (@embracechangenyc) about how to move forward with a career change, how career coaching has changed over the years, and the importance of trying new things and embracing failure as progress. They also discuss the ways in which we’ve been socialized in western society to prioritize individualist thinking over […]

Aug 10
Beyond the Couch Ep 38: How to Talk about Mental Health with Loved Ones with Dr. Yu-Kang Chen

This week, Christie chats with Yu-Kang Chen, PhD, about the challenges of getting mental health care for loved ones. They discuss how language barriers, technological difficulties with telehealth, and misconceptions around treatment might make older family members hesitate to seek help. While every individual is unique and complicated in their physical and emotional needs, Christie […]

Aug 03
Beyond the Couch Ep 37: Finding Balance in Ayurveda with Sweta Vikram

This week, Diana chats with Sweta Vikram about the 5000+ years-long practice of Ayurveda and how to look at mental and physical health in a more holistic, integrated way. They discuss the different types of doshas (a concept of bodily humor), being in tune with the natural course of the seasons and times of the […]

Jul 27
Beyond the Couch Ep 36: How to Embrace Your Attachment Style

This week, Sam, Diana & Christie chat about the origin of attachment theory, different attachment styles, and how understanding your personal attachment style can be beneficial to the way you relate to others. They also talk about how attachment styles might impact patterns of thinking, behavior, and personalities, and what we can do when these […]