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Feb 08
Ep 61: Nonviolent Communication with Marianne Ferguson

This week, Christie chats with Marianne Ferguson about the common reasons for communication failures in interpersonal relationships and how techniques of nonviolent communication (NVC) can mitigate these conflicts. Marianne shares her learnings from reading about and listening to seminars by Dr. Marshall Rosenberg, the psychologist who developed the process of NVC for resolving conflict. They […]

Mar 09
Beyond the Couch Ep 16: Holding Safe Enough Space as a Dance/Movement Therapist with Robin Mele

This week, Christie chats with Robin Mele, LCAT, about dance/movement therapy and the nonverbal language of being in our bodies. As a queer, biracial therapist, Robin discusses how they intentionally work to be a safe enough person for teens within a hospital setting. Robin offers insights on how they navigate systems of power, protect themselves […]