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Mar 22
Run for Bridges at the NYC AAPI 5K!

5K event logo of the water rabbit.

Oct 13
Bridging the Gap in Mental Health

We were honored to chat about the origins of Bridges with author and Ayurveda-based health coach Sweta Vikram at Seema Magazine. When I asked Diana, Christie, and Samantha what inspired each of them to become a part of Bridges Mental health, there was a common running theme: lack of representation. Sweta Vikram, Seema Magazine Read the full article […]

Nov 30
Meet the Co-Founders: Diana Liao, LMHC

Hello! I’m a licensed mental health counselor based in NYC as well as one of the co-founders of Bridges. I help adults in NY and NJ navigate challenges related to life transitions, identity and belonging, self-worth, relationships, and career. I also speak and facilitate corporate interactive healing circles on mental health. What do you think people […]

Nov 22
Meet the Co-Founders: Christie Kim, LMHC

Please introduce yourself in 1-2 sentences: Hi! I’m a psychotherapist and clinical supervisor based in NYC. I come alongside people of color and multicultural couples to explore their innermost experiences and cultivate a joyful, authentic life. How does your identity impact your work? My identity as a Korean American woman has impacted every part of […]

Nov 14
Meet the Co-Founders: Samantha Waldman, LMHC

Introducing… Samantha Waldman, LMHC Hello! I’m a New York state licensed therapist and proud co-founder of Bridges Mental Health. I currently work as a therapist and clinical supervisor in private practice and specialize in the areas of Asian and biracial identity exploration, transracial adoption, acute and complex trauma, and relationship issues and codependency. How do […]

Nov 10
Upcoming Groups Round-Up

Free monthly online community support group for Asian identified therapists and trainees Start date: Ongoing; Every 4 weeks starting 11/19 (then 12/17, 1/14, etc.) from 11:30 AM – 12:45 PM EST Cost: Free We welcome Asian Pacific Islander Desi American identified therapists and trainees from all time zones to a monthly support group to gather, process, […]

May 19
Resources for Asian Communities and Allies

For anyone seeking to learn more about the Asian American experience in the United States, including the history of anti-Asian racism and violence, below is a list of books, articles, podcasts, educators, local organizations, and other resources to help with your learning and healing journey. Please feel free to circulate and send any suggestions; I’ll […]

Mar 11
Check Us Out on Instagram!

Bridges is officially on instagram at @BridgesMentalHealth! We founded Bridges to help relieve the difficulty of finding affirming mental health services. We wanted to expand our reach to make it easier for people to find us online and make it easier to connect to the community, support, and services they need. Our growing network of […]

Feb 12
Understanding the Four Fs of Complex Trauma

What is Complex Trauma? Oftentimes when we think of trauma, we imagine a singular traumatic experience. As our knowledge on this topic has grown, clinicians and researchers realized that our conceptualization of traumatic experiences can actually be much more complicated. While a singular traumatic event can definitely have a strong impact, we’ve also realized repeated […]

Jan 24
What are Carried Feelings? Understanding Our Inherited Stories

Themes of guilt and shame come up in therapy a lot, and clients often wonder why they are holding certain judgments towards themselves or their behavior. With some intentional therapeutic work and emotional digging, we sometimes find that the source of these feelings stem from what some therapists refer as carried feelings. Carried feelings are […]