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Mar 22
Run for Bridges at the NYC AAPI 5K!

5K event logo of the water rabbit.

Nov 30
Meet the Co-Founders: Diana Liao, LMHC

Hello! I’m a licensed mental health counselor based in NYC as well as one…

Nov 22
Meet the Co-Founders: Christie Kim, LMHC

Please introduce yourself in 1-2 sentences: Hi! I’m a psychotherapist and…

Nov 14
Meet the Co-Founders: Samantha Waldman, LMHC

Introducing… Samantha Waldman, LMHC Hello! I’m a New York state licensed therapist and…

Nov 10
Upcoming Groups Round-Up

Free monthly online community support group for Asian identified therapists and…

May 19
Resources for Asian Communities and Allies

For anyone seeking to learn more about the Asian American experience in the United…

Mar 11
Check Us Out on Instagram!

Bridges is officially on instagram at @BridgesMentalHealth! We founded Bridges to help…

Feb 12
Understanding the Four Fs of Complex Trauma

What is Complex Trauma? Oftentimes when we think of trauma, we imagine a singular…

Jan 24
What are Carried Feelings? Understanding Our Inherited Stories

Themes of guilt and shame come up in therapy a lot, and clients often wonder why they…

Jan 14
What Type of Therapy is Right for Me?

Those who are new to the therapy process may struggle to decide what type of therapy…