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Mar 16
Beyond the Couch Ep 17: Reflecting upon the Atlanta Spa Shootings, Collective Trauma & Community Healing

This week, Sam, Diana & Christie reflect upon the anniversary of the Atlanta spa shootings as well as the increased anti-Asian sentiment and reported hate crimes over the past couple of years. They discuss safety, collective trauma and loss as well as personal experiences of harassment within and beyond NYC. Along with sharing their ongoing […]

Mar 09
Beyond the Couch Ep 16: Holding Safe Enough Space as a Dance/Movement Therapist with Robin Mele

This week, Christie chats with Robin Mele, LCAT, about dance/movement therapy and the nonverbal language of being in our bodies. As a queer, biracial therapist, Robin discusses how they intentionally work to be a safe enough person for teens within a hospital setting. Robin offers insights on how they navigate systems of power, protect themselves […]

Mar 02
Beyond the Couch Ep 15: Finding Peace within our Authentic Choices with Nita Batta & Tiffany Momoko Kindred

This week, Christie chats with Nita Batta, LMSW, and Tiffany Momoko Kindred, LMSW, about their intersecting experiences being Asian in the U.S. They discuss the contrast between Tiffany’s experience of culture shock moving from Japan to the U.S. and Nita’s growing up in suburban Pennsylvania with immigrant parents, as well as the connecting themes of […]

Feb 23
Beyond the Couch Ep 14: Friendship, Loneliness, and Social Energy in Adulthood

This week, Sam, Diana & Christie discuss the dance of cultivating friendships in adulthood, experiencing shame and loneliness, and the vulnerability of putting yourself out there. Listen to a sneak peek below, and find the full episodes on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts & more!

Feb 16
Beyond the Couch Ep 13: Learning to Be Vulnerable as a Male Therapist with Yu-Kang Chen

This week, Christie chats with Yu-Kang Chen, PhD, about his experience being one of the few Asian male therapists from graduate school to his work now. They discuss gender imbalances in the field, emotional labor and vulnerability, and getting his parents’ support on choosing this career. Yu-Kang Chen is a licensed psychologist with a private […]

Feb 09
Beyond the Couch Ep 12: Privilege, Perfectionism & South Asian Mental Health with Raina Wadhawan

This week, Christie chats with Raina Wadhawan, LMHC, about her journey as a South Asian therapist, mental health and privilege at home in India versus here in the U.S., as well as her passion for working with South Asian woman on navigating intergenerational trauma, perfectionism, and authenticity. Raina Wadhawan, LMHC, is a licensed psychotherapist at […]

Feb 02
Beyond the Couch Ep 11: Alternatives to Traditional Talk Therapy

This week, Sam, Diana & Christie discuss different ways to engage in therapy aside from traditional talk therapy. They discuss the benefits of getting out of our intellectual, adult brains and into non-verbal, physical, and creative ways to explore trauma, our inner child and healing. Plus, Diana gives an update about working abroad and the […]

Jan 26
Beyond the Couch Ep 10: Coping with Seasonal Depression with Alena Kwong

This week, Christie chats with Alena Kwong, LMSW, who is a psychotherapist and member of the Bridges Clinician Community. Alena discusses how the natural shift in seasons can lead to Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) or the winter blues, and offers guidance on practicing mindfulness, coping individually and with others, and the importance of going with […]

Jan 19
Beyond the Couch Ep 9: The Importance of Terminations in Therapy

This week Sam, Diana, and Christie discuss the importance of healthy terminations in therapy, the many feelings that can come up on both the client’s and therapist’s end, and ultimately how difficult goodbyes can be for all of us. Listen to a sneak peek below, and find the full episodes on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts […]

Jan 12
Beyond the Couch Ep 8: How to Succeed as an International Student with Dr. Vivi

For our first episode of 2022, we welcome our first guest on Beyond the Couch, Dr. Vivi Hua. As a clinical psychologist and a success coach for international students, Dr. Vivi discusses the difficult process of navigating a new cultural landscape, caring for mental health, and skill-building for Asian-identified international students to thrive in the […]