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May 10
Ep 74: A Field Guide to a Career in Mental Health

This week, Christie and Diana (@therapywithdiana) share their respective paths to their therapy careers and answer questions they’ve received about how to enter into a mental health career. They go into factors to consider when applying to and choosing programs, what accreditation means for schools, and the many career options there are once you have […]

May 03
Ep 73: Compassion Focused Therapy with Nira Shah

This week, Diana chats with Nira Shah about what compassion-focused therapy entails and how practicing mindfulness can cultivate self-compassion and better emotional regulation. They discuss the importance of examining one’s emotions, especially those that are uncomfortable, in order to tend to them. They also talk about the struggles with a harsh inner critic that many […]

Apr 26
Ep 72: The Drama Triangle

This week, Christie, Sam, and Diana get together to continue their conversation on codependency and people-pleasing. They discuss a common dynamic that can happen in families and other relationships, called the “drama triangle,” in which each individual takes on and/or moves through playing a “rescuer,” “victim,” or “persecutor” role. They walk through an example scenario […]

Apr 19
Ep 71: Racialization and Reconnecting with Ancestors with Natalie Hung

This week, Christie is back with Natalie Hung to talk about ancestral healing, how to cultivate a relationship with our ancestors, and how these relationships can help heal us and help us feel a stronger sense of belonging. They dive into the distinction between “well” and “unwell” ancestors, and how ancestral healing fills in some […]

Apr 12
Ep 70: People-Pleasing & Codependency

This week, Christie, Diana, and Sam get together to talk about the tension between codependence and independence, and how to get closer to a middle ground, interdependence. They go into the challenges of balancing cultural values, personal values, and family values, and offer ways to maintain your own peace, as well as the peace of […]

Apr 05
Ep 69: Ancestral Healing Work with Chi Young Kim

This week, Christie sits down with Chi Young Kim and discusses the importance of becoming reconnected with our ancestors. They talk about ways that we can return to direct engagement with our ancestors and how this connection can strengthen our sense of intuition, and heal in a much deeper way than we might realize. Chi […]

Mar 29
Ep 68: Layoffs, Scarcity & Going Where It’s Warm

This week, Christie, Sam, and Diana get together to discuss the recent wave of layoffs that their clients have been experiencing recently and how they’ve been coping with the various levels of anxiety, confusion, and guilt that come with it. They address the scarcity mindset and fear of losing security that, as children of immigrants, […]

Mar 22
Ep 67: The Existential Search for Identity and Belonging with Dr. Monica Band

This week, Christie chats with Dr. Monica Band about the existential process of figuring out who we are, our purpose and fulfillment in life, and, ultimately, our sense of belonging. They talk about the introspection it takes to hone in on the self as social beings and be in tune with our emotional worlds, as […]

Mar 22
Run for Bridges at the NYC AAPI 5K!

5K event logo of the water rabbit.

Mar 15
Ep 66: There Are Bros in Asia TooEp 66:

This week, Sam, Christie, and Diana discuss the Korean reality competition show, Physical 100. They muse about body image in Asian culture and what it takes to participate in extreme athleticism. They also reflect on how refreshing it is to see Asian bodies being represented so differently from their usual portrayal in mainstream Asian-American media. […]