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Jul 19
Ep 84: Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy with Toni Kim

From Toni Kim (she/her): My practice embodies a holistic and integrative approach that incorporates wisdom from the world of neuroscience, as well as, more esoteric and intuitive traditions. I believe that the process of healing and the subsequent result of personal growth and transformation is a sacred and courageous journey that I feel honored to be […]

Jul 12
Ep 83: Navigating Change & Uncertainty with Dr. I-Ching Grace Hung

This week, Diana reunites with Dr. I-Ching Grace Hung to catch up on how Dr. Hung’s return to her motherland, Taiwan, has been so far. They talk about cultural perspectives of values, time and productivity, and relationships to family. They also share their personal experiences navigating changes and how their feelings about their identity and […]

Jul 05
Ep 82: Cross Cultural Differences with Catherine Kim (Plus: Therapy vs Coaching)

This week, Christie, Diana, and Sam get together to talk about the differences between therapy and coaching, outlining what each offers and who might benefit from them. For the latter half of the episode (starts at 15:00), Sam sits down with Catherine Kim, LMHC to discuss the challenges of straddling two different cultures as an […]

Jun 28
Ep 81: Intergenerational Heaviness, Self-Advocacy & Career Coaching with Steph Kim

This week, Sam sits down with Steph Kim to chat about navigating the process of forging a fulfilling career as a person of color. They talk about how imposter syndrome especially impacts women and POC, as well as how the immigrant experience adds an additional layer of challenges in the career journey. They also discuss […]

Jun 21
Ep 80: A Field Guide to a Career in Mental Health: Post-Grad

This week, Christie, Sam, and Diana get together for their last discussion about pursuing a career in mental health. They talk about post-grad life, what the path looks like after graduation, and their favorite and not-so-favorite parts about their jobs. They address the financial realities of a mental health career, pros and cons of various […]

Jun 14
Ep 79: Holding Space for Both Myself and Family with Tyler Mafi

This week, Christie chats with Tyler Mafi (@therapywithtyler) about how his transition led to the reshaping of his relationship with his family and, as a result, more open conversations around queerness and mental health. Tyler also shares how empowering his clients to reflect on their senses of self motivated him to more actively engage with […]

Jun 07
Ep 78: A Field Guide to a Career in Mental Health: Grad School

This week, Sam and Diana return to the topic of pursuing a career in mental health and answer some of your questions! They cover the work they did while in graduate school, as well as the timeline and path they took from graduate school to licensure and beyond. They also share their thoughts on their […]

May 31
Ep 77: CBD/Cannabis for Anxiety & Depression with Amy Chin

This week, Sam sits down with Amy Chin to discuss the benefits of CBD and/or cannabis for anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues. They talk about how to incorporate plant medicine into one’s routine as a way to lead a fuller, healthier, and less stressful life. They also explore the nuances of cannabinoid use […]

May 24
Ep 76: Stepping Out of The Drama Triangle

This week, Christie, Sam, and Diana get together to continue their discussion of the drama triangle and how to extricate yourself from it. They go into examples of the different roles (victim, rescuer, and persecutor) as they might appear in a hypothetical immigrant/2nd gen family. They share some tactical solutions that can be reached through […]

May 17
Ep 75: A Trauma-Informed Approach to Healthy Relationships with Shelby Remillard

This week, Christie and Shelby Remillard, LMHC, discuss how individuals can mend and build healthy relationships through a closer understanding of their interconnectedness to their communities, their pasts, and themselves. They talk about how folks can process their wounds and learn what feels grounding to them within the safety of the therapeutic space, and how […]