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Sep 27
Ep 94: Maternity Mental Health Across Cultures with Clarice Hassan

This week, Christie sits down with Clarice Hassan to discuss mental health within the context of new motherhood. Clarice shares how her own personal experiences of becoming a mother informed her passion to focus her work on maternity mental health. They delve into the challenges of balancing one’s aspirations and desires with the demands of […]

Sep 20
Ep 93: ADHD & Partnerships with Suzanne Eng

This week, Christie chats with Suzanne Eng about being in partnership with someone with ADHD. They talk about the challenges and strengths that ADHD brings to the relationship, as well as the various misconceptions surrounding the diagnosis. Suzanne shares her own experiences with a spouse with ADHD, and she offers ways to help others have […]

Sep 13
Ep 92: When the Goal Is To Make Less Money

This week, Christie, Diana and Sam catch up on what they’ve been up to as they enter into the fall season. They reminisce about the feelings they used to get as they started a new school year, and Christie and Diana share what they’ve been realizing through their language classes. They all discuss their evolving […]

Sep 06
Ep 91: Uncovering Unconscious Patterns through Psychoanalysis with Priscilla Chin

This week, Diana sits down with Priscilla Chin to talk about psychoanalysis, its misconceptions, and the differences between psychoanalysis and other modalities. They discuss the various techniques and interventions that are used in analysis; how it can help explore our internal worlds, past, and unconscious thoughts; and how it can empower people of color to […]

Aug 30
Ep 90: Am I The A-Hole?

This week, Christie, Diana, and Sam share their views on the moral and ethical questions posed in a couple therapy-related posts from Reddit’s “Am I the A*hole” thread. They discuss one person’s dilemma about sharing details from his therapy session to his concerned mother, and another case in which the poster is concerned about the […]

Aug 23
Ep 89: Money as Energy, A Holistic Approach to Wealth with Lynn Min

This week, Diana is back with Lynn Min to talk about money and how our finances shape so much of our identity, sense of freedom, and, ultimately, our ability to return to our true selves. They discuss their relationships to money and the ways in which they’ve crafted their money stories throughout their lives. Lynn […]

Aug 16
Ep 88: How We Relate to Languages

This week, Christie, Sam, and Diana talk about their relationships to each of their ancestral languages and the grief they feel from not being as fluent as they’d like. Christie and Diana share what they’ve been learning through their respective language classes and explore what it means to be connected (or not) to a culture […]

Aug 09
Ep 87: Parenting & Growing Up Between Cultures with Nita Batta & Tiffany Momoko Kindred

This week, Christie is rejoined by Nita Batta and Tiffany Momoko Kindred to discuss what it’s like for children to try to make sense of their identity, grow up between multiple cultures, and balance individual and others’ needs. They also talk about redefining familial relationships and how to retain a sense of self and leading […]

Aug 02
Ep 86: Mid-Summer Teaser

This week, Christie, Diana and Sam drop in to say hi and tease upcoming episodes for the rest of the year. Tune in to hear what themes we’ll be discussing with both new and returning guests! Bridges Mental Health is a stigma-free hub for Asians, Pacific Islanders, and South Asian Americans (APISA) to discuss, navigate, and […]

Jul 26
Ep 85: Living Bravely with Nicole Cruz

This week, Diana chats with Nicole Cruz about changing careers and listening to yourself in order to live bravely and pursue your biggest goals. They talk about how to overcome your fears and move away from fear as a motivator. They also dive into how to differentiate your own beliefs from others’ and confront your […]