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Dec 20
Ep 104: The Power of Family Secrets with Heawon Hake

Content warning: family abuse, sexual abuse, self-harm This week, Christie, Sam, and Diana get together to reflect on the past year, and share which of the 104(!) podcast episodes they have recorded were some of their favorites. Then, Sam speaks with Heawon Hake about how family secrets can affect and damage a family. Heawon describes […]

Dec 13
Ep 103: Perfectionism & The Model Minority Myth with Dr. Matt Poon

This week, Diana chats with Dr. Matt Poon about growing up with Asian parents, the pitfalls of perfectionism, and how we can expand our mindset to live a fuller and more balanced life. Dr. Poon shares how he helps clients slow down, reflect, and move away from binary thinking, and how talking openly about struggles […]

Dec 06
Ep 102: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) for OCD with Dr. Yun Chen

This week, Christie is joined by NYC-based clinical psychologist, Dr. Yun Chen, to discuss what it’s like to have obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and how Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) can help mitigate the pain that might come with living with OCD. They explore the ways in which the tenets of ACT can help people live […]

Nov 15
Ep 101: Financial Scarcity Among Children of Immigrants with Pallavi Ankolekar

This week, Diana (@therapywithdiana) sits down with Pallavi Ankolekar (@healingwithpallavi) to talk about how growing up as a child of immigrants can the ways we navigate our finances. They discuss how generational differences in attitudes towards work and rest also translate into how we use money for bare necessities vs pleasure. They also talk about […]

Nov 08
Ep 100: Grad School Diaries with Minji Part 2

   This week, Sam is rejoined by Minji (our very own Bridges intern) for the second installment of the Grad School Diaries mini-series. Minji shares updates from her second and final year of her program, what it’s been like to see clients for the first time, and the joys and challenges of practicing therapy in […]

Nov 01
Ep 99: Tuning Into the Wisdom of East Asian Medicine with Jiaming Ju

This week, Christie sits down with Jiaming Ju to chat about the value and deep wisdom of traditional east Asian medicine. Jiaming shares how she went from her long career as a longevity economist to joining the work of her father at Kun Health. They talk about eastern medicine’s individualized approach to every person, the […]

Oct 25
Ep 98: People Pleasing & Healthy Masculinity with Samuel Shin

This week, Sam reunites with Samuel Shin to chat about how people-pleasing shows up specifically for Asian men, and the importance of men tending to old wounds and connecting to their inner worlds. Samuel discusses his methods and techniques for helping Asian men heal, get in touch with their authentic selves, and regain their agency. […]

Oct 18
Ep 97: Being Together: Relational Psychoanalysis with Jonathan Blazon Yee

This week, Christie talks with Jonathan Blazon Yee, LCSW, about how his work as a psychoanalyst was first inspired by an experience of feeling deeply seen in therapy. Jonathan shares how contemporary psychoanalysis tunes into the relational worlds between client and therapist, and allows one to explore the question of “Who am I?” Together, they […]

Oct 11
Ep 96: Addiction in the AAPI Community with Cathay Che

Cathay Che is a Japanese American and Native Hawaiian LCSW, with a virtual Private Practice treating clients in New York, California and Rhode Island.  She earned her MSW from Columbia University in 2013 and was part of the clinical treatment team at The Hazelden Betty Ford outpatient clinic in New York City from 2012 -2020. […]

Oct 04
Ep 95: Paternity Mental Health & New Fatherhood with Clarice Hassan

This week, Christie is back with Clarice Hassan to continue their conversation about new parenthood in the AAPI community, this time focusing on fathers and paternal mental health. They talk about the different challenges that new fathers face as they try to balance their new roles with the expectations of traditional masculinity from previous generations. […]