Bridges is a stigma-free hub for Asians, Pacific Islanders, South Asian Americans (APISA) living in the greater New York City area to discuss, navigate and seek mental health care. We strive to create a mutual space for individuals with diverse cultural, hyphenated identities, as well as therapists and providers who are passionate about serving this community.

Bridges helps facilitate connections to mental health providers through our Clinician Directory. Whether you are seeking a therapist who holds a shared cultural identity, or is passionate and knowledgeable about this community, we make it easier to find your match. Additionally, our Resources page links to other great organizations providing affirming mental health services to APISA and communities of color.

Finally, we aim to provide space and give voice to the specific stories and needs of the APISA community as it intersects with mental health through our podcast Beyond the Couch, blog, and social media.

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Our Team

Mission Statement and Vision

We aim to cultivate a platform that gives voice to the wide array of APISA experiences as they intersect with various identities and mental health. This is a mutual space for both community members seeking mental health care and the individuals who provide it. While Bridges currently focuses on mental health, we hope to expand to more holistic aspects of wellness for Asians, Pacific Islanders, and South Asian individuals living in NYC.

Connect with our affirming community and share your story


A space for individuals with diverse cultural, hyphenated identities



Connect with NYC-based mental health clinicians and national community resources


Explore diverse perspectives across a wide range of issues from APISA community members