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Body Image & The Stories We Tell Ourselves with Steph Ng | Beyond the Couch S3E10

This week, Diana sits down with mental health advocate Steph Ng to explore the complex world of body image. Steph shares her personal journey with disordered eating and discusses body image as a story we tell ourselves. Steph emphasizes the importance of feeling at home in our bodies and cultivating curiosity rather than criticism from a young age. Drawing from her work with young people, Steph highlights how early body narratives form and the impact of cultural and societal messages on identity. Throughout the episode, Diana and Steph address common body image myths and discuss how media messages contribute to pressures to conform to beauty standards. Steph offers insights into fostering a positive self-image and navigating these challenges with compassion.

Steph Ng (she/her) is a mental health advocate, entrepreneur, and Ph.D. researcher whose work aims to foster caring conversations on body image and mental health issues. She is the founder of Body Banter, a registered charity in Hong Kong that empowers youth voices in body image conversations, and the author of “Big Bites Break Boundaries”, a new book that recounts her personal experiences with an eating disorder and her professional experiences in Hong Kong’s mental health landscape.

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