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Queer Relating & Healing with Bokyung Kim | Beyond the Couch S3E9

This week, Christie is joined by Bokyung Kim who shares their personal experiences of queering the healing journey. They reflect upon how early love injuries and unmet needs evolved into beliefs about disconnection and belonging, as well as patterns of sex and love addiction. Through her own story of healing and connection with queerness, Bokyung discusses the transformative power of being in connection with oneself and the practice of meeting different parts of ourselves with curiosity and compassion. Together, they discuss queering her relationship with her best friend, working alongside queer trans Asian clients in healing trauma, as well as questioning narratives about marriage, being alone, and death.

Bokyung Kim (they/she), LCSW, is an experiential, decolonial therapist who integrates somatics, brain change science, and ancestral wisdom to help clients transform their trauma & unlock true belonging with themselves and others. Connect with Bokyung on her website or on Instagram @thequeertraumatherapist

Bridges Mental Health connects Asian, Pacific Islander, South Asian Americans (APISA) with culturally responsive mental health professionals and resources. We hope to make mental health care more accessible and approachable across the Asian diaspora.
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