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Exploring Neurodiversity, Gender & Identity in Adulthood with Kim Konopka | Beyond the Couch S3E8

This week, Diana sits down with Kim Konopka who delves into the interplay of identity in relation to queerness, neurodivergence, and being a transracial adoptee. Kim shares their journey of self-discovery and the profound impact of learning about their autism in adulthood, offering reflection upon their experiences of masking, wanting to blend in, and the fear of abandonment. They explore the nuanced themes of safety, disclosure, forced intimacy, and the delicate balance of what gets shared, planted, or buried. Kim discusses the impact of the model minority myth on their mental health, as well as their life-changing experience in therapy which provided them the permission to take up more space and explore their identity safely. Together they discuss the privilege and access involved in formal assessments, as well as the importance of self-identification and trusting people to know themselves.

Kim (they/them) is a psychotherapist in private practice. They often work with neurodivergent QTBIPOC and transracial adoptees. Kim aims to be a compassionate collaborator who shows up with curiosity and care. They are known for their playfulness, emotive expression and moments of quiet reflection.

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