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South Asian Identity, Caste & Religion with Anjali Jacob | Beyond the Couch S3E3

In this week’s exploration of identity, Sam is joined by dear friend and fellow therapist Anjali Jacob, LMHC, who shares her own journey of investigating South Asian identity, belonging, and the search for answers in the face of disconnection. Anjali shares her personal reflections on navigating the complexities of caste, religion, the colonial legacy embedded in last names, and the profound sense of isolation when experiencing something that feels unnameable. Together they offer ways to tune into your own questions and curiosity, to reflect upon larger cultural forces with a social justice lens, and seek connection as an antidote to isolation.

Anjali Jacob (she/her) is a licensed mental health counselor practicing in the greater New York area. She specializes in c-ptsd and trauma-informed approaches, working specifically with BIPOC 1.5 and 2nd immigrants. Connect with Anjali at or

Bridges Mental Health aims to connect Asian, Pacific Islander, South Asian Americans (APISA) with culturally responsive mental health professionals and resources. We hope to make mental health care more accessible and approachable across the Asian diaspora.
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