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Exploring Biracial Identity with Youngmi Mayer | Beyond the Couch S3E2

This week, Sam is joined by comedian and author Youngmi Mayer to discuss their unique experiences being biracial. While Youngmi grew up in Korea and Saipan and Sam was raised in the U.S., the two connect over memories of being othered both within and outside of their respective families, and delve into how their lives reflect larger forces of immigration, culture and privilege. Youngmi shares how her identity work influenced the writing of her upcoming memoir, “I’m Laughing Because I’m Crying,” as well as her mom’s response to including raw details about her childhood and the healing effect of humor.

Youngmi Mayer (she/they) is a standup comedian, content creator and author living in NYC with her son, Mino. 

Thank you to Embrace Change for sponsoring this episode!

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