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Ep 100: Grad School Diaries with Minji Part 2

This week, Sam is rejoined by Minji (our very own Bridges intern) for the second installment of the Grad School Diaries mini-series. Minji shares updates from her second and final year of her program, what it’s been like to see clients for the first time, and the joys and challenges of practicing therapy in the real world. She also opens up about personal lessons she’s learned from being on the other side of the room as the therapist.

After nearly a decade in the creative industry, Minji (she/her) is currently a counseling psychology student at Mount Saint Mary’s University in Los Angeles. She is especially interested in working with Asian, Asian diasporic/immigrant individuals, couples, and families, as well those navigating interracial relationships or other cultural challenges. She loves chatting about all things mental health, career-changing, and dogs (bonus points if poodles), so don’t hesitate to connect with Minji at

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