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Ep 99: Tuning Into the Wisdom of East Asian Medicine with Jiaming Ju

This week, Christie sits down with Jiaming Ju to chat about the value and deep wisdom of traditional east Asian medicine. Jiaming shares how she went from her long career as a longevity economist to joining the work of her father at Kun Health. They talk about eastern medicine’s individualized approach to every person, the shortcomings of western views on health and food, and how traditional medicine can become more accessible to younger generations. They also discuss what it means to “eat your feelings, how mental stress shows up as physical ailments, and the power of reclaiming one’s culture while living in western society.

Jiaming Ju is the co-founder of Kun Health, a virtual Traditional Chinese Medicine clinic, which she runs alongside her father Ying Ju. Jiaming grew up watching her father work in his TCM clinic in north-eastern China where the smell of herbs drifted through the air. After building a career leading the world’s largest data collection on senior adults from New York to Singapore, Jiaming enrolled in one of the only dual lingual TCM graduate schools in North America. Connect with Jiaming @kunhealth

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