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Ep 98: People Pleasing & Healthy Masculinity with Samuel Shin

This week, Sam reunites with Samuel Shin to chat about how people-pleasing shows up specifically for Asian men, and the importance of men tending to old wounds and connecting to their inner worlds. Samuel discusses his methods and techniques for helping Asian men heal, get in touch with their authentic selves, and regain their agency. He shares his thoughts on how masculinity and toxic masculinity have become conflated in the discourse of today, and how he aims to help redefine and reclaim what it means to have healthy masculinity.

Samuel (he/him) is a licensed therapist, certified men’s coach and 2nd generation Korean-American. His education & training was in humanistic-existential, psychodynamic and transpersonal psychologies. However, he left the therapy field in 2018 to become a transformational coach where he has been focusing his work on Asian mental health specifically with Asian men. Samuel works 1:1 with Asian men in his coaching practice, but also runs Asian men’s groups and will be running the first-ever Asian men’s retreat in early 2024! Connect with Samuel @thehealingasian

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