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Ep 97: Being Together: Relational Psychoanalysis with Jonathan Blazon Yee

This week, Christie talks with Jonathan Blazon Yee, LCSW, about how his work as a psychoanalyst was first inspired by an experience of feeling deeply seen in therapy. Jonathan shares how contemporary psychoanalysis tunes into the relational worlds between client and therapist, and allows one to explore the question of “Who am I?” Together, they explore the importance of addressing differences between oneself and others especially as Asian therapists working with Asian American clients.

Jonathan Blazon Yee (he/him), LCSW, is a relational psychoanalyst who works collaboratively with clients to help them understand the thought patterns, belief systems, and expectations that influence how they move through the world. He completed psychoanalytic training at the National Institute for the Psychotherapies, where he currently serves on the faculty. Connect with Jonathan on Bridges.

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