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Ep 95: Paternity Mental Health & New Fatherhood with Clarice Hassan

This week, Christie is back with Clarice Hassan to continue their conversation about new parenthood in the AAPI community, this time focusing on fathers and paternal mental health. They talk about the different challenges that new fathers face as they try to balance their new roles with the expectations of traditional masculinity from previous generations. They explore the different ways AAPI fathers might express affection, and they discuss the relative lack of support and community for new fathers when they do have questions about infant care and how to best tend to their spouse postpartum.

Clarice Hassan (she/her), LCSW, is a licensed clinical social worker in California and New York, running both a private practice and a growing group practice, Phronetic Psychotherapy LCSW PC. She identifies as Asian and has focused on maternity and paternity mental health, as well as parenthood transitions, especially in the past few years since becoming a parent herself. Connect with Clarice:

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