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Ep 83: Navigating Change & Uncertainty with Dr. I-Ching Grace Hung

This week, Diana reunites with Dr. I-Ching Grace Hung to catch up on how Dr. Hung’s return to her motherland, Taiwan, has been so far. They talk about cultural perspectives of values, time and productivity, and relationships to family. They also share their personal experiences navigating changes and how their feelings about their identity and attitudes towards embracing uncertainty have shifted as a result.

Dr. I-Ching Grace Hung (she/her) is a licensed psychologist and coach, offering teletherapy to individuals and couples in NY, CA, and MI, and coaching services globally. Grace specializes in helping people find meaning, purpose, identity, and fulfillment through a unique lens of Buddhism + psychology, anchoring on the pursuit of self-awareness, growing deeply and intentionally, all with a dash of candidness in the face of the chaos/hilarity of life. She is currently living out her own version of a fulfilled life, featuring slow travels, remote and flexible work aligned with her purpose.

Connect with Grace on Instagram @thewakingbell and on ZenCare

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