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Ep 82: Cross Cultural Differences with Catherine Kim (Plus: Therapy vs Coaching)

This week, Christie, Diana, and Sam get together to talk about the differences between therapy and coaching, outlining what each offers and who might benefit from them. For the latter half of the episode (starts at 15:00), Sam sits down with Catherine Kim, LMHC to discuss the challenges of straddling two different cultures as an APISA-identified individual and how to navigate these multiple senses of identity.

Catherine Kim (she/her), LMHC, specializes in supporting individuals who are experiencing cultural conflicts, identity issues, relationship problems, anxiety, and depression. She is especially dedicated to challenging the stigmas that often surround mental health in Asian cultures, with the goal of encouraging more individuals in the AAPI community to prioritize their well-being and pursue a healthier life.

Connect with Catherine:

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