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Ep 81: Intergenerational Heaviness, Self-Advocacy & Career Coaching with Steph Kim

This week, Sam sits down with Steph Kim to chat about navigating the process of forging a fulfilling career as a person of color. They talk about how imposter syndrome especially impacts women and POC, as well as how the immigrant experience adds an additional layer of challenges in the career journey. They also discuss the importance and difficulties of finding the right balance between self-advocacy and honoring family dynamics and expectations throughout the process.

Steph Kim (she/her/hers) is a 2nd generation Korean American career coach born, and currently, in New York. She is proud to be your notsobossybestie- sharing professional secrets that your boss won’t tell you, dedicated to empowering and equipping young professionals, especially people of color, with the confidence as well as practical skills to pursue their next career step.

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