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Ep 75: A Trauma-Informed Approach to Healthy Relationships with Shelby Remillard

This week, Christie and Shelby Remillard, LMHC, discuss how individuals can mend and build healthy relationships through a closer understanding of their interconnectedness to their communities, their pasts, and themselves. They talk about how folks can process their wounds and learn what feels grounding to them within the safety of the therapeutic space, and how therapists can serve as the first model for healthy relationships so clients can recognize them outside of session. They also discuss dating burnout, emotional regulation, and how to healthily approach the process of grief and loss and the cultivation of relationships with those who have passed.

Shelby (she/her) is an Indigenous and Filipina therapist living and working in private practice in New York City. Within her practice, Shelby supports clients in trauma recovery through EMDR, building and maintaining healthy relationships, and clients experiencing the death loss of a loved one.

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