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Ep 67: The Existential Search for Identity and Belonging with Dr. Monica Band

This week, Christie chats with Dr. Monica Band about the existential process of figuring out who we are, our purpose and fulfillment in life, and, ultimately, our sense of belonging. They talk about the introspection it takes to hone in on the self as social beings and be in tune with our emotional worlds, as well as embracing the anxiety, ambiguity, and vulnerability that naturally comes with this search for meaning.

Dr. Monica (she/her) is an award winning licensed mental health professional, advocate and educator. She is the owner of a group mental health practice, based in Washington D.C. and clinical supervisor to pre-licensed professionals. She specializes in providing EMDR and somatic based interventions to support healing of complex-ptsd and dissociation. She provides training to clinicians on how to treat intergenerational trauma and identity concerns for Asian Americans. Connect with Monica at @the.mindful_healer

Monica’s Go-To Resources:

Bridges Mental Health is a stigma-free hub for Asians, Pacific Islanders, and South Asian Americans (APISA) to discuss, navigate, and seek mental health care.

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