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Ep 65: Intergenerational Trauma & Internal Family Systems with Natalie Hung

This week, Christie chats with Natalie Hung about healing intergenerational trauma and the power of Internal Family Systems to help us embrace our whole selves. They talk about the different parts of us that can take on “protector” roles in order to help us through hardship or trauma, and the ways in which we can honor those “protectors” instead of denying them as we heal. They also delve into the challenges of sifting through our sense of self as Asian-Americans, and how an IFS lens can not only be restorative, but also lead us into connectedness with others and our lineage.

Natalie Hung (she/hers) is a second-generation Taiwanese American clinical psychologist who specializes in Asian American racialization, intergenerational trauma, complex PTSD and dissociation, intersections between personal and social identities (i.e. race, gender, sexuality, class, ability status), and grief. She uses Internal Family Systems and decolonizing approaches to help her clients to deeply know and love themselves, resist systems of oppression, and cultivate belonging.

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