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Ep 64: Breathwork & Embodiment with Stephanie Alirkan

Today, Sam chats with Stephanie Alirkan about how incorporating breathwork into your day-to-day life and therapy can help you move to a place of calm and feel more grounded in your body. They discuss the benefits of breathwork in regulating emotions, decreasing stress, and lowering anxiety, as well as ways to build upon a breathwork practice and making those small changes that can feel more habitual over time.

Stephanie Alirkan (she/her) is a NYC-based Psychotherapist and Trauma-Informed Certified Breathwork Facilitator. In her work, she takes the approach of healing through the natural processes of the body, breath and senses. She’s passionate about sharing accessible tools that allow us to take flight now vs. sometime in the future, among them being breathwork for deeper embodiment.

Stephanie offers breathwork sessions virtually or in-person for anyone wanting to try outside of therapy and will be hosting themed workshops in 2023 (e.g. breathwork for inner child healing, the pleasure of breathwork). Connect with Stephanie through her website or on Instagram @breathbysteph

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