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Ep 61: Nonviolent Communication with Marianne Ferguson

This week, Christie chats with Marianne Ferguson about the common reasons for communication failures in interpersonal relationships and how techniques of nonviolent communication (NVC) can mitigate these conflicts. Marianne shares her learnings from reading about and listening to seminars by Dr. Marshall Rosenberg, the psychologist who developed the process of NVC for resolving conflict. They discuss how ego is often the underlying, persistent barrier to connection, and how important it is to lay down our own assumptions in order to truly listen to the other person and get the needs met of all parties involved.

Marianne Ferguson, LCSW, works with individuals going through life transitions whose struggles include relationship issues, anxiety, depression and trauma. Marianne is particularly interested in how social and cultural factors shape our experiences, especially in regards to race, sexuality, gender, religion and other aspects of feeling different. Connect with Marianne here.

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Bridges Mental Health is a stigma-free hub for Asians, Pacific Islanders, and South Asian Americans (APISA) to discuss, navigate, and seek mental health care.

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