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Ep 60: Exploring Dreamwork & Metaphors with Anjali Menon

This week, Sam chats with Anjali about how she incorporates dreamwork in her practice and the importance of seeing people as a sum of all of their parts. Anjali dives into how powerful it can be to use dreams and the imagery we recall from them as vehicles for conversation and deeper understanding of oneself and one another. They discuss how, especially in interpersonal relationships, being aware of all of the versions of ourselves can help mitigate conflict or unhealthy cycles. Anjali also shares some of the exercises that she uses to help her clients have a more vibrant relationship to their dreams.

Anjali Menon (she/they), LMSW, is an individual, couples, and family psychotherapist, whose work centers joy, laughter, pleasure, and play. Anjali helps folks navigate life transitions, release patterns that keep them feeling stuck, and build a deep and rewarding sense of self-reflection and compassion. Connect with Anjali at

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