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Beyond the Couch Ep 57: The Practice of Holistic Healing & Wellness with Alena Kwong

Happy 2023! This week, Diana welcomes back Alena Kwong, LMSW, to discuss different forms of holistic healing and wellness. As a holistic healer herself, Alena shares how her former career as a pastry chef led her down a path toward wellness including reiki, nutritional counseling, and yoga. Together, Alena and Diana discuss the messiness of cultivating a wellness practice and being gentle with yourself through the process. Additionally, Alena gives a peak into her own wellness routines, and offers resources for those interested in deepening their own practices.

Alena Kwong, LMSW, (she/her) is a psychotherapist/licensed social worker with a background in holistic nutrition and wellness. She is also a certified yoga practitioner and Reiki Master. Her approach includes mindfulness and somatic based wellness tools for stress reduction and emotional regulation. Connect with Alena on Instagram or via email at