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Beyond the Couch Ep 52: Challenging Imposter Syndrome with Angela Kerrigan

This week, Christie sits down with Angela Kerrigan to examine impostor syndrome through the lens of racial identity and chat about ways to challenge these feelings of inadequacy. They discuss how stereotypes and microaggressions keep people of color in cycles of self-doubt by questioning their belonging or imposing unrealistic standards. Angela shares how she worked through her own feelings of impostor syndrome, and how she’s seen the power of community in dissipating these thoughts. They also talk about how rest can be a radical act in challenging our thoughts about productivity, but also the systems of oppression that have seeded our impostor syndrome in the first place.

Angela Kerrigan (she/her) is a therapist in private practice working with clients in NY and TX. She also helps other therapists manage and overcome their own imposter syndrome. Angela loves helping fellow Asian Americans really step into themselves and figure out what it means to live authentically. Connect with Angela at or on Instagram @angela.lcsw