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Beyond the Couch Ep 48: Honoring Chinatown’s History & Community with Mott Street Girls

This week, Christie sits down with Anna Huang and Chloe Chan of @ mottstreetgirls to talk about the community and vibrancy of New York City’s Chinatown. They chat about how they came to appreciate their identities more through learning more about their culture’s history and how they have come to view education as a way to heal the cycle of collective trauma. The discuss their views on the gentrification of Chinatown, being unexpected small business owners, and how they remain powered and grounded by their passion for the community. 

Anna Huang and Chloe Chan are the co-founders of Mott Street Girls. By hosting Chinatown walking tours, creating educational social media content, and partnering with community organizations, MSG strives to preserve Chinatown’s rich cultural heritage, bring business to the neighborhood, and share the stories of our community. Connect with Anna and Chloe on Instagram @mottstreetgirls