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Beyond the Couch Ep 47: Lessons from a Professional Career Changer with Asha Aravindakshan

This week, Diana chats with Asha Aravindakshan about making the power of personal relationships, putting yourself out there, and resisting societal and cultural expectations in making a career change. They talk about the ways in which you can build out your first- and second-degree networks, manage uncertainty and tolerance for risk as you make a career pivot, and tips and strategies for effectively finding a new job. Referring to the phenomenon of the “bamboo ceiling,” they also delve into some of the challenges that prevent APISA-identifying people from achieving certain goals, and the ways in which those challenges can be mitigated.

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Asha Aravindakshan (Are-uh-vin-doc-shin; she/her) is the author of Skills: The Common Denominator, which highlights true stories of transferable skills for career success. She’s presented at conferences in the Americas and is the recipient of awards on digital transformation and future of work. Asha studied business at GW and MIT. Connect with Asha on Instagram and Twitter @dcasha