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Beyond the Couch Ep 45: The Art of Authentic Dating with Samuel Shin

This week, Diana and Samuel Shin talk about healthy and fulfilling ways to embrace one’s masculinity/femininity, sexuality, self-confidence, and dating. They explore the challenges and hurdles that men, in particular, often face when it comes to dating and relationships, overcoming attachment issues, and connecting with their authentic selves. They also delve into the specific challenges that many Asian-American men confront, such as attuning to their emotions, open communication, and building up the self while existing in a collective culture; as well as the importance of establishing self-confidence to connect genuinely with others.

Samuel (he/him) is a former therapist now working full-time as a men’s transformational coach. His current focus is dating & relationships, helping men heal attachment issues and embody their masculinity to authentically attract women. Connect with Samuel at @consciousdatingcoach and