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Beyond the Couch Ep 41: Surviving Burnout & Stepping Off the Corporate Ladder with Annalyn Cruz

This week, Diana chats with Annalyn Cruz about trusting your inner voice and taking the steps to craft a career that truly makes you fulfilled and happy. They talk about how taking the time to recover from burnout motivated Annalyn to take the leap and leave a corporate job to start her business in leadership coaching. They also discuss the importance of soul-searching and trusting yourself to not fail, as well as the challenges of working through familial and cultural expectations. 

Annalyn Cruz (she/her) is a Leadership and Empowerment Coach, seasoned facilitator, and storyteller. She is the Founder and CEO of Grounded In Wisdom, LLC, where she empowers women of color to go after the career freedom they long for and the lives they truly crave.

She is passionate about the intersections of one’s purpose, cultures, and identities–and how this influences the type of work and psychologically safe team environment we all deserve. Through entrepreneurship and getting clear on her own purpose to empower other women leaders to transform their lives, she is grateful to have discovered her own path to fulfillment. Connect with Annalyn on InstagramLinkedIn, and at her website.