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Beyond the Couch Ep 38: How to Talk about Mental Health with Loved Ones with Dr. Yu-Kang Chen

This week, Christie chats with Yu-Kang Chen, PhD, about the challenges of getting mental health care for loved ones. They discuss how language barriers, technological difficulties with telehealth, and misconceptions around treatment might make older family members hesitate to seek help. While every individual is unique and complicated in their physical and emotional needs, Christie and Yu-Kang explore how to gently guide a family member to seek support, as well as how to be supportive and patient along the way.

Yu-Kang Chen is a licensed psychologist with a private practice focusing on providing individual and couple therapy for Asians/Asian Americans in both English and Mandarin languages. He is also the Clinical Psychologist/Training Director at Hamilton Madison House. Connect with Yu-Kang on Psychology Today or via email at

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