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Beyond the Couch Ep 34: Protecting the ‘We’ in Multicultural Partnerships with Nita Batta & Tiffany Momoko Kindred

This week, Christie is back with Nita Batta, LMSW, and Tiffany Momoko Kindred, LMSW, to explore complex identities and cultures within romantic partnerships. They discuss navigating multicultural partnerships themselves, and offer guidance on cultivating curiosity, respect and acceptance of each other’s differences. Together, they explore ways to honor the traditions and experience of each partner as well as co-create a new shared identity of ‘we’ in partnership.

Nita Batta, LMSW | The pull lies in the strength of the familiar; the push is an urge to create space and jump into the unfamiliar. As an individual who was raised between two cultures, I offer a warm and safe space to discuss cultural competency as it relates to your life. Connect with Nita at

Tiffany Momoko Kindred, LMSW | Being biracial and bicultural, I understand the complexities of holding multiple identities. I walk alongside individuals and couples to help them explore and gain an understanding of how their past has led them to their present, and how they want to move from the present into a happier, more fulfilling future. Connect with Tiffany at

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