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Beyond the Couch Ep 23: Emotional Expression, Body Image & Disordered Eating with Dr. Rosa Lim

This week, Diana chats with Dr. Rosa Lim about disordered eating and relationships with food in the Asian American community. As a clinical psychologist, Dr. Lim discusses the connection between eating disorders and cultural messages around bodies, perfectionism, achievement, and navigating intergenerational conflict. Additionally, Dr. Lim maps out various disordered eating symptoms and shares insights about therapy and treatment. Together they explore the pressures of fitting in, western versus Asian beauty standards as well as the dark side of ‘clean eating’.

Rosa Lim, PhD, (she/her) is a licensed clinical psychologist in NYC who has worked in private practice and in college counseling for the past 20 years. Currently, she is involved with the William Alanson White Institute’s Eating Disorders, Compulsions, and Addictions program, as both a member of the steering committee and as guest faculty. Connect with Dr. Lim at

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