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Meet the Co-Founders: Christie Kim, LMHC

Please introduce yourself in 1-2 sentences:

Hi! I’m a psychotherapist and clinical supervisor based in NYC. I come alongside people of color and multicultural couples to explore their innermost experiences and cultivate a joyful, authentic life.

How does your identity impact your work?

My identity as a Korean American woman has impacted every part of my life spanning from my view of family, interpersonal relationships and culture, to beauty, bodies and self-worth. To be honest, I didn’t expect to work with many Asian-identified clients when starting this work and that may have been part of my own internal resistance. However, witnessing the pain throughout the Asian diaspora has helped me explore my own heritage and healing as well.

I am deeply curious about how our identities interact with the world around us and influence our internal worlds. Learning more about my woundings as well as my privileges allows me to assist others in addressing their own inner critics, codependency, and beliefs about themselves.

What inspires you to continue your work as a clinician?

In many ways I view myself as a witness to the experiences of my clients, their joys, woundings, and resilience. My hopes are to help their internal worlds make sense in the external world, alleviate shame and increase the sense of freedom and choice in their lives. When I get to witness the courage of my clients and their transformation, whether big or incremental, I feel incredibly honored and full of joy.

Tell us something about you that we wouldn’t find on your PsychToday profile..

I love to document my life through notes. I’ve maintained a daily journal for almost 10 years, I have running records of hilarious interactions with my family and friends, and I keep a box of letters I’ve received from loved ones over the years. I think memory is the most powerful way of knowing who we are, and I value opportunities to remember what was happening for me across different parts of my life.

How do you care for yourself?

Lately my self-care is a mix of movement, day-long picnics in the park, exploring different pockets of NYC, and belly laughs with my favorite people.

Christie Kim, LMHC, (she/hers) is a Bridges Co-Founder and psychotherapist practicing in NYC. Learn more about her and her work on her Bridges Therapist Directory Listing.