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Upcoming Groups Round-Up

Free monthly online community support group for Asian identified therapists and trainees

Start date: Ongoing; Every 4 weeks starting 11/19 (then 12/17, 1/14, etc.) from 11:30 AM – 12:45 PM EST

Cost: Free

We welcome Asian Pacific Islander Desi American identified therapists and trainees from all time zones to a monthly support group to gather, process, and gain support around their experiences that range from race and culture to their more individual thoughts and struggles. Visit to register and email Teresa and Bob at for more info.

Asian identified therapist/trainee weekly process group

Time: Mondays at 7:05 PM -8:20 PM EST

Cost: $75 (therapist)/session; $40 (trainee)/session

Asian Pacific Islander South Asian American identified therapists and trainees from all time zones are invited to deepen their self-understanding and how they relate to others in a “here and now” experience. Email Teresa and Bob at for more info.

Online weekly process group for adults on the challenges of “finding and keeping love, romantic and platonic, in their lives.”

Time: Thursdays 5 – 6:15 PM EST

Cost: $75/session.

Online weekly process group for adults. This would be ideal for high functioning individuals who find themselves in new or familiar conflicts, be it with family, friends, co-workers, or their partners. This is a long-term, here-and-now group that welcomes individuals to join members in exploring their interpersonal language. Call 317-939-3294 to schedule a screening.

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