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Creating A Space to Explore Asian, Pacific Islander, and Desi Mental Health

One of the goals for Bridges is to create a stigma-free space for Asian, Pacific Islander, Desi individuals (APIDA) living in the greater New York City area to discuss, navigate, and get information and access to therapy and mental health services. One of the ways we’re tackling this is through the Bridges Blog.

New York has the second largest population of APIDA individuals in the country who hold unique experiences, intersectionalities, and needs around mental health. APIDA individuals are also three times less likely to seek mental health care than other Americans.

We’ve identified a clear gap in information, guides, and resources specifically geared towards addressing these stories and experiences. We aim to work through this issue by providing a space to discuss topics around Asian, Pacific Islander, and Desi identity, as well as the mental health challenges these community members face.

Voice Your Experience and Share Story

The Bridges Blog is a space for exploration of issues faced by the APIDA community. The blog will provide helpful tips to navigating mental health, demystifying the therapy process, and exploring how to find the right therapist for you. It will also focus on speaking to specific issues the APIDA community struggles with and sharing stories of how identity impacts mental health. We invite you to join this community, whether you are a therapy provider who wants to share professional insights, a Asian, Pacific Islander, or Desi therapy seeker, or someone interested in leaning more about APIDA identity and mental health.

We are always actively looking for new voices and point of views. Reach out to us if you have a story or perspective you want to share with the Bridges community as a writer or content contributor.

Get Involved!

Write to us at to learn more about the blog contribution process.